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We Players presents

What Alice Found There

A new adaptation of the beloved 'Alice' books by Lewis Carroll
Adapted & Directed by Ava Roy

About 2.5 weeks into rehearsal, this production was unfortunately postponed due to the COVID-19. The production was set to be an epic outdoor performance in Golden Gate Park where the audience follows Alice on a 2.5 mile hike from the Rose Garden to the Windmill, meeting the rest of the Wonderland characters along the way. During shelter-in-place, the cast & creative team have kept busy by meeting weekly on Zoom for creative readings and brainstorming, as well as creating an audiobook of the original Alice stories. 


Humpty Dumpty: Alan Coyne
Cheshire Cat: Benoit Monin
Tweedle Dee: Christopher Carter
Red Queen: Drew Watkins
White Rabbit: Fenner
Mad Hatter: Hunter Scott MacNair
White Queen: Libby Oberlin
Dormouse: Ling Ling Lee
Tweedle Dum: María Ascención Leigh
White Knight: Nick Dickson
March Hare: Pearl Marill
Alice: Sango Tajima

Creative Team

Director/ Producer: Ava Roy
Assistant Director/ Associate Producer: Britt Lauer
Composer & Music Director: Charlie Gurke
Costume Designer: Brooke Jennings
Master Seamstress: Dana Taylor
Assistant Costume: Designer Kathleen Qiu
House Manager: Kate Sachen
Production Manager: Kaileen Wolfe
Stage Manager: Becky Roper
Production Crew: Raquel Orendáin Shrestha
Equipment Lead: Seth Little
Master Builder: JD Durst
Production Intern: Lila Popell
Production Intern: Kyle Todhunter

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