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Video & Voiceover

Original Work


A play in five recipes that will leave you both hungry and nourished.

A Mother in Japan and a Daughter in San Francisco meet every week on Zoom to cook their family recipes and eat them together. Their relationship evolves with food as the point of connection. Food as a representation of love, culture, history, and memory. Food as a reminder of where you are from.


Written by Sango Tajima

Directed by May Liang

Featuring Sango Tajima and Michelle Talgarow*

* appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity

Happy Birthday, You Revolution

3 Birthdays. A pandemic. A household in quarantine. A series of uprisings.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU REVOLUTION is a sonic video-book documenting the sights & sounds of Oakland from March-September 2020. A birthday gift honoring Black & Brown life and the ways we fight for it.


filmed & edited by Adam Elder



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