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Shotgun Players presents


Written by Sheila Callaghan
Directed by Susannah Martin

Elevada was my second collaboration with Shotgun Players, director Susannah Martin, and playwright Sheila Callaghan. After several workshops and conversations with Susannah about her personal experience overcoming cancer, Sheila rewrote the entire play from top to bottom. This was my first time playing the romantic lead in a play and it was a surprisingly challenging and vulnerable process for me. I’m learning that in an ever cynical world where art reflects back our cynicism, it takes a lot of courage to unabashedly express the ways you love, flaws and all. This play encouraged me to take that leap.


"Tajima frequently deploys a beguilingly open expression that seems to hold within it both all the world’s hope and all the world’s despair. Her countenance searches for and welcomes and acknowledges all possibilities. She epitomizes receptiveness, making this love story tremble with danger and magic."

—Lily Janiak | SF Datebook

"Sango Tajima, as Ramona, has the juiciest part and makes the most of it. And what a terrific pole dancer she is!"

—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside


Wes Gabrillo: Khalil
Karen Offereins: June
Soren Santos: Owen
Sango Tajima: Ramona

Dance Ensemble

Ebony Araman, Jonas Aquino, Andy Collins, Maggie Kelley Connard, Xiaomin Jiang, Jason Torres Hancock, Paul Melish, Mimu Tsujimura, Jessica Uher, Quinci Waller

Creative Team

Jonas Aquino & Xiaomin Jiang, Tango Consultants
Cassie Barnes, Lighting Designer
Brady Brophy-Hilton, Assistant Director
Ashley Corso, Costume Design Assistant / Wardrobe Supervisor
Erin Gilley, Video Designer
Natalie Greene, Choreographer
Devon LaBelle, Props Designer
Sarah Rose Leonard, Dramaturg
Susannah Martin, Director
Bri Owens, Stage Manager
Alice Ruiz, Costume Designer
Adeline Smith, Scenic Charge Painter
Caitlin Steinmann, Master Electrician
Matt Stines, Sound Designer
Mikiko Uesugi, Set Designer*
Ashley Corso, Costume Design Assistant


*Member of United Scenic Artists Local 829

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