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My love for theatre began in Tanzania,

where my middle school Drama teacher had us read a newspaper article about the Beslan school siege. We read about teachers and children being held hostage and killed, right at that moment, in a school far away from us. In 24 hours we created a play that put us in the shoes of those victims, and suddenly a tragedy that felt so distant came crashing into our realities. My teacher called it political. She called it devised theatre.

Since then I've pursued theatre as my passion. After getting my training at The University of Michigan, I moved to the Bay Area where I was introduced to the world of new works. The process of collaborating with a group of artists from the genesis of a piece felt familiar and exciting to me. The work felt immediate, relevant, powerful, and vital. I began to find my own voice and feel comfortable in my skin as a theatre maker. Over the years I’ve developed a deeper understanding of the critical and integral role that storytelling plays in advocacy and social justice movements, and I have committed myself to embracing theater as a people’s tool for resistance, reimagining, healing, and transformation.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and with my entire family in Japan, I spent my entire childhood as a nomad, moving from Michigan -> Hawaii -> Thailand -> Trinidad & Tobago -> Tanzania -> Japan -> Bay Area -> Los Angeles. My artistic work has taken me to places all over the U.S. and countries including Israel, Korea, Japan, and China. 

My ultimate dream is to return to my nomadic roots and create work internationally, building a network of international artists who are instrumental in shaping the stories and faces reflected on stage & screen, in writer’s rooms, and in leadership.

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