My love for theatre began in Tanzania,

where my middle school Drama teacher had us read a newspaper article about the Beslan school siege. We read about teachers and children being held hostage and killed, right at that moment, in a school far away from us. In 24 hours we created a play that put us in the shoes of those victims, and suddenly a tragedy that felt so distant came crashing into our realities. My teacher called it political. She called it devised theatre.

Since then I've pursued theatre as my passion. After getting my training at The University of Michigan, I moved to the Bay Area where I was introduced to the world of new works. The process of collaborating with a group of artists from the genesis of a piece felt familiar and exciting to me. The work felt immediate, relevant, powerful, and vital. I began to find my own voice and feel comfortable in my skin as a theatre maker. 

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and with my entire family in Japan, I spent my entire childhood as a nomad, moving from Hawaii to Thailand to Trinidad & Tobago to Tanzania to Japan. Now I've made a home for myself in Oakland, California. Setting down roots in one place is a foreign thing to me, but my growing artistic and chosen family, the diversity of stories and faces I see on stage, and the consistent stimulating work I'm a part of makes me stay. My transient lifestyle as an actor keeps me satiated - my artistic work has introduced me to so many interesting worlds, stories, and people, and has taken me to places all over the U.S. and countries including Israel, Korea, Japan, and China. 

I believe in the power and ritual of theatre to create meaning and compassion in an unjust and chaotic world. To hold the pain and joy of our past and present while dreaming of a better future. It's my tool to understand myself and the world I inhabit. I am committed to developing a deep respect for the human condition and how we might ultimately get to our own liberation, and to answer Toni Cade Bambara's call "to make the revolution irresistible."

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